About Us

It is our great pleasure to inform that  Our Institution Advance Pathshala is growing day by day in the field of Corporate Consultation, Training Programme , Placement and Professional development.We are glad to inform our valuable patron that our presence is pan India. Our Institution is providing the best Quality training & values for last 3 Years and still glowing bright. We, vastly covers more than 350 Clients and places .The candidates through our organisation gets selected  in every field as per their qualifications/ talents and skills  in  different organisations. After empowering themselves from the training imparted by our experts; candidates performs commendably in every organisation. Simultaneously, we place our trained and well qualified candidates in the corporate for improving  their working efficiency in real time scenario as well as enhancing their work ethics.  .

We are having well qualified & highly experienced faculty in every fields for training the candidates. Our highly experienced faculty not only enhance the knowledge of the candidates but also give them a overall grooming to enhance their overall personality.

As we  are aware that HR is not only an abbreviation for Human Resource but it is closely connected to human development, growth and talent oriented. Our well trained and qualified faculty not only provide theoretical knowledge but also test the skill of the candidate in the practical environment. Recruitment is the backbone of any organisation. Our learned faculty not only share their insight in the field but also make sure that the vital traits of recruitment  process are very well welded in the candidate. Thus, the candidate could very well understand the need of the organisation while performing his role in the recruitment process and work towards the accomplishment of the organisational goals .

To enhance the vast  scope of the HR we also impart training in the field of Payroll and other Statutory Compliance. Our well qualified faculties also impart the knowledge of the laws and rules which are very handy in the day to day working of the organisation. The laws include Factory Act , Minimum Wages Act, Labour Laws, Industrial Relations, Equal Remuneration Act, Bonus Act, Provident Fund Act, Gratuity Act etc. Thus, once the candidate is placed in an organisation; he/she has  thorough  knowledge and understanding of all the laws and benefits. It also gives the candidate a wider scope to understand the goal of the organisation. 

Not only we impart  serial training in Hr but also in finance.  If Hr is the backbone of any organisation than finance is the fundamental necessity of any organisation. Our very learned faculty impart training on different laws and rules pertaining in finance and accounts. A chronological recording of all the accounts is not only must in organisation but also in our day to day  life. A proper knowledge of all the taxes and laws give us an insight about the income, revenue, profit, liabilities, expenditure. We give a very deep knowledge of taxes levied by the Govt. such as GST, Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Corporate finances, Company Valuation, Equity Research, Company Accounts etc. It gives the candidate a very comprehensive understanding about the fiances. This helps to achieve the organisational goal easily without any hitch.

Plenty a times been rejected in interviews. A doubt always hover over us  why we are not selected in every interview that we face. We start doubting our-self that we are deficient. No. It is the way we present ourselves in the interview. Do not worry. Our very trained professionals  are there to solve this obstacle for you.  Our very trained professional  not only impart training of the basic  interview  Etiquette but also groom the overall personality of the person. After the training the candidate becomes confident, self assured and knows how to present themselves in the whole working scenario.

Over all for last 3 years we are trying to achieve excellence in our candidates. We are glowing high in the case of professional training. Come On do not be late. Enroll today and see the difference. Come ; Time is running

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